GSync 1080p 144Hz Monitor + IPS 1440p Monitor with GTX 1070


Aug 26, 2017
Hi All,

I'm currently running a Ryzen 5 1600X and GTX 1070 Ti EXOC edition from GALAX, the monitor i'm currently using is a 1440p 24" IPS monitor from Dell. Since lately i'm addicted to Overwatch (curse my friend for dragging me to his addiction lol), I'm planning on purchasing a 1080p 144hz gsync monitor and use it exclusively for overwatch while leaving my 1440p monitor for MMORPG and work stuffs.

So now my question is, will both monitor run concurrently without problem? (While GSync is running on overwatch) and maybe watching youtube or stream from my 1440p monitor)?

I have some worry since both monitor has different resolution and one have GSync while the other doesn't have it. I have looked around in the forum with pretty similar cases and it looks like it should be working? But I just want to make sure before I make the purchase since the monitor is quite expensive. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry if this get redundant :(