Gsync Monitor for my Build


Jul 27, 2015
Hey all, I am looking for a monitor with Gsync for my build. I have no idea what is good with what to be honest, I just don't want to be fooled by some specs that dont really mean anything, which is why I'm looking for help.

My current specs:
I7 4790k
Geforce GTX 970
16 gb of RAM
Samsung evo 840
Asus z97 pro motherboard

I am looking for around 500 as the price.
If you want to get the best gaming monitor available today and can afford it, Acer XB270HU is the one for you.
It is a 27" 2560x1440 144Hz IPS display with GSync. Yes, your eyes readthe specs correctly, it is bnoth 144Hz and IPS display.
With 144Hz IPS display those 60Hz IPS and 144Hz TN panels belong to the past.
No need to compromise between speed or image quality anymore, since you can have them both.
Only XB270HU's price is the biggest down side to most people.
USD500 will not do for good GSync monitors.

A single GTX970 can all games on 2560x1440 with very playable fps except on The Witcher 3. For Witcher 3, you must set a lot of things down.