GT 520 on a 3D Projector

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Jan 13, 2013
Hey People im new here so to get started with the forum i will ask a question Today my Dad called me and asked me if he will have to buy a Blu Ray if he has a 3D Projector and my Pc which has a Nvidia gt520 with 3D Option and i wasn't really sure and my question to you lot is will i need a blu ray player if i have a 3D Projector and a 3D Graphics Card? and also if i will not need a Blu ray player please could you recommend a good 3D Projector and what glasses i will need to use with it and one other question if it works without the blu ray player will every movie and everything on my screen be 3D i will need to buy or download a Special 3D movie? Please tell me how this works because he has been dreaming about a 3D home cinema he now has a normal 300" Projector but thats not enough he need a 3D Projector now so i would be very greatfull if any one could help me Thanks.


Not open for further replies.