Question GT-AX11000 link aggregation and 2.5G BaseT port between PCs


Apr 9, 2015
I'd like to know if I will get 2Gbit speed if I link aggregation on port1 and port2 to connect one PC to the router and then I connect the other PC via the 2.5G port. Since the link aggregation can only yield 2G speed and the multigig port is 2.5G, will there be a problem and the speed will revert to 1G or not?

Assuming the router is supporting the official 802.3ad you will only get 1gbit....sorta of. For path selection it uses a mathematical method based on ip and ports. This means a single session always takes the same path. So the maximum file transfer you can get with a single file transfer is 1gbit. In addition even if you run multiple transfers it does not take usage into account just simple math. It may put both on the same connection and leave the other idle.

This was done because you can get packets out of order if you were to spray the packets across both interfaces. The end stations interpret this as lost packets and it causes load on both machine and in worst case data retransmission which causes lower bandwidth.

It was designed where you had 100's of client machines access a central server that is running port aggregation. The pure random of that many session will cause load balance.

Part of the reason they user faster ports on servers is the because port aggregation does not work real well to increase speed.

There are proprietary forms of port aggregation but it is not supported by most switch/router equipment. You must connect back to back to use these proprietary methods. You run the risk of out of order packets and other issues.