Gt5422e upgrading video card


Jun 19, 2010
Well I bought and installed a ati radeon 5570 pci-ex card by saphire into my gateway gt5422e....first thing i couldnt find anything in bios or on MB that would let me turn off the on board graphics.....but when i start the computer after 4 0r 5 mini restarts (it does these on own) it will boot to Win7 with the graphics card working so i thought everything was ok and that maybe it just auto detects when something is in pci-ex slot but then while watching movies with the wife ive ran into a few blue screens of death...this keeps happening and i have no idea how to stop it .....was wondering if having a 350w PSU might be the prob as well but i was told it should be efficient...
BSOD sometime caused by bad RAM, try using only 1 stick of RAM, and try each individually, see which one that gives you BSOD...