Question GTA Game Freeze and Fortnite Stutters with 5600x and 3070

Oct 28, 2021
I am getting a Freeze on GTA V that occurs whenever I am driving around this both happens on Online and singleplayer.
I have a 5600x and a 3070 8GB with 16GB Ram 3200Mhz at 1080P Resolution
The CPU is stock and the GPU is on a stable Undervolt for temps
The game runs with the CPU and GPU at 40 - 30 % Usage which I find strange.
I also have a stuttering issue with Fortnite ( I know) I don't play Fortnite a lot I only played it once as others were playing and I noticed some stutters that occur when turning around even though I'm averaging at 140 fps on max settings and the stuttering persists.
So I tried playing at medium and I average around 300-400 fps and the stutters still persist.
I used to have stutters with BFV but I got rid of them by going back to DirectX 11 from 12.
Additionally, I have been noticing my audio cuts out when playing games and I believe they could be connected as the audio cutting out started happening around the same time as the crashes.

I tried other games to see if there are stutters:

Battlefield V: Good FPS with no stutter on DX11 on Ultra settings (These FPS are average and estimated from previous gameplays)
VALORANT: 400 - 500 FPS on 1080 Max Settings no Stutters.
Rainbow Six Siege: 200 - 300 FPS Max Settings No Stutter
Modern Warfare 2019: 200 - 300 FPS Medium No Stutter

So I noticed whilst playing GTA every time these stutters occur the GPU and CPU usage drop to 0%
It's installed onto an SSD
I tried to downgrade to a more stable GPU driver and to no prevail it kept stuttering.
Then I tried using DDU to perform a fresh driver install and it didn't work.
Then I desperately tried to do a fresh install of windows in hopes of getting rid of any potential corrupt files or anything that could be causing issues
and it still doesn't work.
I thought I had an issue with RAM as when I first built the PC I had a lot of blue screens related to RAM errors but I resolved the issue with a BIOS update.
I am currently at a standstill and don't know what to try next so I was hoping that someone could help me out.
Please and thank you.

System Information: