Gta iv is hanged on startup


Dec 18, 2012
sir i have laptop of dell inspiron series n5050 ci3
I installed gta iv on my laptop but when i did start it it comes rockstar symbol than i click on play a video appears which hang my laptop and the game didn't run ... my OS is windows 8 .
please tell me the solution i will be very thankful to you ..!
its to stressfull for the intel hd 3000 so its likley your running out of shared gfx ram. if you only have the default 2 gigs that came with the pc... you need a dedicated gfx card and even then it wont work particulalry well due to the system being based on a dualcore. to run gta smoothly on pc you really do need a 2.4ghz quad.

btw ignore the bove link its pirated software that isnt gta 5 as its not even finished yet so its definatly not a legit copy... gta 5 hasnt even been announced for pc yet so its very unlikely a pirate will have a working copy b4 its even released to the alpha testers.