Question GTA V Crashes

Apr 2, 2020

I have had my GTAV account for a while now. I've managed to play on this GTAV account with no too minimal crashes ever since about 4 days ago prior to this post. I'm currently running a RTX2060 and I am not experiencing any problems with any other game. When I load up GTA online I could sometimes take a couple steps and it crashes or it would crash instantly before I could take a few steps. I've made a couple Rock* tickets and the guy helped me to a fix (I thought) by renaming Rockstar Games folder to OLD and running the launcher through administrator. I managed to load in a drive around for about 10 minutes then it crashed over and over again. I remade a ticket and he redirected me to a Rockstar Representative whom still hasn't responded. I did get this error sorry it's so low quality because I was sharing screens to a friend who tried to help. I know this is a drivers error and I have tried every driver I believe. My friend went on my account when this all started. The weird thing is he's been on my account to play various of times before all of this happened. Single player is untested.

Fixed I have done:
I have completed uninstalled and reinstalled the game
I've changed Rockstar Games Folder and launched through administrator
Changed the DirectX setting to 10
Reinstalled the DirectX
I've deleted files such as "cfg.dat" and "pc_settings.bin" and the cloudsaves file.
I've turned off cloud saves
verified integrity of game files

Theres a couple more probably but i'm getting annoyed now because all I want to do is play my game. If anyone can help me or experienced the same problems because I've read through some much older posts now and have commented on some but no one seems to be around on them anymore so I thought i'd re ask the question.

Thank you for taking your time for reading this and maybe get a solution. There might be a few things i've missed but hopefully i've given enough information