GTA V Huge Stuttering on High end PC / high fps

Dec 16, 2018
Specs : I7 6700k , GTX 1080ti , 16GB Ram , 1TB HDD , 250GB SSD,

Ok so i overclocked my cpu recently to 4.4GHz and when i play GTAV i get huge stuttering
like basically everytime i move my mouse it starts lagging and stuff and huge fps drops but it only
happens when i put everything on low on GTAV which i do to get the most fps but when i put everything on high or very high it doesn't stutter anymore .

here are some msi afterburner pics of when im playing GTAV with stuttering


Playing at 1080P?

Bottleneck, the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU. Lowering the settings will only make it worse.

Change the settings to max.

Use Gforce Experience and optimize the game, that should take care of it.