[SOLVED] GTA V Online Odd Performance issue HELP

Jan 26, 2020
Hello, I'm having some issues with gta online after a recent hardware change.

In GTA V storymode Im at a stable 70-120fps WITH very high/ high settings, 1920×1080.

GTA online same settings 30-70 fps mostly around 50 in a lobby with 10-20 player. With 20+ players it goes to around 30-45 fps and its unplayable for me! I try to lower the settings and resolution but even with 800×600 and lowest possible settings I still se no improvments in framerate.

Usage I'm seeing in:
Singleplayer: CPU 50-80% GPU 70-95%
Online: CPU 40-50% GPU 80-95%

I tried the high priority trick
I tried with different amounts of ram
I tried with different power plans
I tried reinstalling drivers, the game, and everything else.
I tried all different settings kombinations and higher settings works better!
I tried without hyperthreading. Works better in areas with small activity, worse in busy places.
I tried "unparking" cpu cores.

I swapped from i5 4590 to i7 3770K and didn't have this issue with the i5.

Rest of the specs:

-i7 3770K stock speeds
-Intel DH67GD motherboard
-Nvidia GTX 1050Ti overclocked (yes I tried at stock speed, issue still remains)
-4x4GB 1600Mhz DDR3 (Tried one channel 8gb)
-250GB SSD (gta is on here, along with windows)
-1TB HDD with all sh*t on it. -630w PSU

Plz help me idk what the problem is. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have