Question GTA V Zlib Error

Jul 22, 2019
I bought GTA V from rockstar (not steam) in august of last year. It worked fine until last week. after i reinstalled my windows. Since then, ive been getting the error "failed zlib call, please reboot, verify the game data, or reinstall the game" ive done every single fix imaginable for the last 4 days straight. ive got no mods installed, all i do is play regular online and im sick and tired of having to spend hours verifying or reinstalling the game, of which ive done both 3 times each. This is honestly getting really annoying. Reinstalling fixes the issue for a couple of hours but after that its back to square 1. Ive even talked to rockstar about it and nothing has helped. Ive followed every single fix i could find on youtube and google. Does anyone have any ideas? atm im making sure to install every single update i can find, windows, antivirus, drivers etc too see if that fixes it, as the issue has to do with files getting corrupted. Might work, might not but its worth a shot