GTS 250 crush at 80º C


Jun 24, 2009
i have a xfx gts 250 512 MB, and when GPU temperaure gets to 80º C in Call of duty world at war, the video card fan goes to full speed and the card stop giving video signal.
Then i thought it was power supply, but i took from internet the program to put fan speed manually and put 100% (maximum speed), go into call of duty and it delays a lot, but finally crush, but i didn´t record the temperature, i suppose it was on 80º C again, i´m going to check it today.
This doesn´t look like power supply because the fan is in 100% speed since i enter the game.
Does any body know if the video card is factory adjusted to automatic stop video signal above 80ºC?
Please help...
Thank you.


Well, most video cards a redesigned to cut out when they go beyond their max temps. At any rate, your video card shouldn't reach that high when running a game.

What is the cooling setup? Does your case have a fan? Are you using stock coolers for your video card and CPU?


My XFX GTS 250 can go to 80 C with no problem. I did burn-in tests onit when it first arrived but now I set the fan to 74% before playing and it doesn't past 75 C and I also play with the PC case side panel left open.
Your CPU and motherboard chipsets could also overheat and crash the game.
What are the specs?

XFX tech support is usually reliable and fast. Have you tried them?


Jun 16, 2009
Mine's an Elitegroup and it goes up to 82 celsius without crashing although just recently. Days ago I was having major lock ups and artifacts at 70 degrees, as you can see in my post of the forum.

Which drivers version are you using? This thing was not stable until I installed 181.71 and used Precision to set fan up to 100% prior any gaming.

Checking up some reviews about the GTS 250 I find a max temperature reference of no more than 74 celsius while on stress tests with fan set to 65% and a minimum of 40 while on idle, right now mine's working on 51 degrees, doing nothing... strange ain't it?