GTS 250 --- Flashing Red Dots!


Oct 5, 2011
This has never been a problem before. I have flashing red dots on some dark spots of my screen, even in the BIOS. If I move the window around, it stays on the same spot of the image (So It's not a dead pixel or anything).

I have tried upgrading to latest bios, and no luck. It is not running hotter than normal or anything. It idles at 54 and goes up to mid 70s during gaming. This has always been the same, I didn't change any settings or overclock anything thing differently recently.

It's a XFX GTS 250 512mb card.
i7 2600k
16gb 1600 ram
asus sabertooth p67
600w corsair power supply

What could cause this to all of the sudden happen without making any changes? Possible XFX RMA I guess? Are they known to replace the same card or possibly upgrade it? I'm hoping for an advanced RMA, but I don't think they do those.