GTS 250 installation Problem!


Jun 21, 2009
Hey guys

Um I have a bit of a problem I was hoping anyone could help me out with

So I've bought a Palit GTS 250 512mb GPU, plugged it all in, powered it up, its all fine and I started installing the new drivers.

Once these drivers have totally installed I am prompted to reboot so I do.

When the computer starts, it runs through everything fine until it gets to the windows screen showing the loading bar.

Then the graphics card's fan slows down and I am flashed with a blue screen very quickly and a message up the top reading "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT"

After this I wiped all VGA drivers from the PC, and reinstalled the new ones but no luck at all

Is this the PSU, I ran tests on the RAM and all is fine

Im running a CODEGEN 450w, with a q6600, 1 optical drive, 2x120mm fans and 1 80mm, and only the single HDD

My previous card was an 8500gt, terrible I know so I need this upgrade.

If its a driver clash is there anyway I can fix this without reformatting windows???

Any Ideas are very appreciated. Thanks