GTS 450 vs 6770


Oct 26, 2011
Hi im about to buy one of the listed graphic cards for my first gaming build.
Is there a large difference between the gts 450 and the 6770 when playing games at 1366 x 768?
I have been told and have seen that the 6770 is the faster card (only by a few FPS) but these are always on high resolutions.

i can only afford to buy a 1366 x 768 monitor and cant afford to buy cards any more expensive than these.
GTS 450 is £70-75 and the 6770 is £80-85.

1. Is there going to be much difference in performance between these cards at 1366 x 768?
2. Which one would you recommend?
3. Is there much difference between HDMI and VGA?

This is the current system:
i3 2100
4gb of g-skill drr3
500gb hdd
Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3
Corsair 500W
Casecom KM-6988