GTS 560ti 1gb vs 2gb - UNDER $300 GFX CARD?


Oct 5, 2011
It's getting frustrating searching for a new graphics card. There are so many options! I'm thinking the GTX 560 TI will be about right for me, but was wondering if the 2gb version was worth it over the 1gb? There isn't a big price difference. I am gaming on a U3011 30" monitor, so my resolution is 2560X1600.

I initially wanted to stay under $200, but I'm thinking I'll up it to under $300 so I won't have to upgrade for a while.

Since I have a higher resolution, would the 2gb be better? I'm looking at the EVGA version.

I see that some 1gb versions have 2 fans, yet the 2gb only has one. Will this run a lot hotter than those?

IF Anyone has any better suggestions for a under $300 gfx card, let me know! Thanks.

My setup.
Dell U3011 30" 2560X1600
i7 2600k OCd to 4.4ghz
Sabertooth P67 ASUS Mobo
GTS 250 512MB
Corsair 600 watt power supply