Question Gtx 1050 2gb driver problem


Aug 28, 2020
Hello everyone my problem is this, like 6 months ago i updated the graphics card driver from Geforce experience, and after like 2 days i got a blue screen (VIDEO TDR FAILURE - nvlddmkm.sys), i used DDU to uninstall the driver and reinstalled the previous version but again i got the blue screen, i tried a lot o thing but my only solution was to uninstall the driver and Windows Update installed a driver from 2017, after that i got no problem until a few weeks ago that the drivers updated automatically to the 2021 version, it worked like a charm for like 2 weeks and then again the same blue screen, i did the same thing like last time but this time windows downloaded a version from 2020 and worked fine for 2 days, now when i start up my pc, after logging in the pc just reboot, no blue screen, i cant find a driver version from 2017 so im just using the graphics card without installing any driver, it works like <Mod Edit> but it works (at first i thought that i was using the integrated but its a 0% of use).... any idea?

Note: When i start the pc in secure mode with the updated drivers i have no problem so i think it's not a hardware problem.
Gtx 1050 2gb Zotac.
I5 4440.
16 gb DDR3 1333.
Gigabyte ssd 250gb.
HDD Green 1tb.
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