Gtx 1050 2gb or rx 560 4gb


Oct 8, 2017
I am getting a pc with i5 2400 and 8gb ddr3 ram 500 watt psu and i am confused between getting an rx 560 4gb and gtx 1050 2gb. I will be playing all the titles that support both amd or nvidia. Comparison sites say 560 is slightly better maybe due to the extra 2gb ram but benchmarks show pretty noticible better performance for gtx 1050 except from some countable games despite the more vram . Which shoul i get . I dont care about the price they are the same here , i dont care about the power consumption or the efficiency or all other paper specs of cores and stuff. I just want the card which will give higher fps in medium to high to ultra settings in 1080p and be on the upperhand then the other for atleast the next 2.5 to 3 years or so
Those cards are going to perform very similar to each other. But I would probably go with the 560 just because it has 2gb more of VRAM.

But neither of these cards are going to give your 60fps at medium/high/ultra settings at 1080p on modern AAA games. Both of these are lowend budget cards that are a couple of years old now. You will be looking at low settings at 1080p with either of those cards.

If you want higher settings, then the 1050ti/570 will be able to handle medium settings at 1080p. If you want high settings at 1080p, you will need a 580/1060.
I would not pay extra for the 4gb 560. If the price was close, like within $10, then maybe. The main issue is that games which make use of more than 2gb tend to require more powerful GPU processing as well. So you might find that with the 4gb card you CAN choose higher setting, but if performance is a priority you shouldn't choose higher settings.

Neither of these cards are meant as high/ultra 1080p cards near 60fps, that's the territory of 1060s and 570s and 580s. In demanding games, you should expect more like low/medium settings at 1080p with framerate in the 30fps to 40fps range. Less demanding games, and games which are well optimized, will run much better than that of course.

The 750 Ti was the 2014 equivalent of these cards. Today, in 2018, would you still be using that 750 Ti if you bought one back then? That's how to look at these cards from a future proofing point of view.
Actually, the performance of the 1050 and/or the 560 is better than most are saying. You can expect medium settings to give you 40-60 FPS at 1080 in most modern games, and less demanding e-sports titles to get you more than 60 fps on high in most cases, likely over 100 fps on high in games like CS:GO. The extra vram of the 560 will help with frame rate consistency more than anything, so it isn't a bad thing to have. Between the two the 1050 is slightly more powerful, but the 2GB of vram hurts it in a few titles like GTA5 and Far Cry 5. Anything with really big textures is going to stutter. The 560 4GB will give you slightly lower framerates, but there will be less stutter in most cases.

It is a hard choice, and all comes down to the games you play. E-sports titles will run pretty equally well on both cards with the 1050 giving you higher framerates, for the AAA releases the 560 would be the way to go as the 4GB of vram will keep the card relevant for longer.