Question Gtx 1050 2gb with a 220 watt power supply

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A 1050 only really draws 75W, which theoretically doesn't need many amps on the 12V rail to run, however the issue is that the 1050 generally recommends a 300W power supply, but the main concern is most of these rigs come with poor quality PSUs. A poor quality PSU not only can have a questionable output, but also not be incredibly protective against ripple or surges for example.

So in effect, IMO it's not a good idea to run on a 220W, especially not a poor quality PSU.


Jun 13, 2015
I would not trust the 220w PSU to run the gtx1050. The included PSU in pre-built systems such as yours, is only meant to run the stock parts. Adding upgrades can cause strains on the 220w PSU, espesally if it's a poor quality one.

I recommend the corsair CX series (The newer Gray ones, not the older green units) or a SeaSonic S12II that is 400-500W. This will allow you to add upgrades to your system, without straining the PSU.