GTX 1050 Ti - Enough power?


Dec 22, 2016
Hello! I want to buy this video card:
Into this motherboard:
My PSU if you need it:

I'm afraid, that the VGA won't get enough power from it's pci-e 3.0 slot, and it would start lagging, or wont perform that good as an other manufacturers 1050ti does, because they have a power connector on the VGA, and on Evga's GTX 1050Ti there are no power connectors. So would it be good for gaming? I think the motherboard's pci-e 3.0 slot won't give enough power for it: if it exceeds the 75w power draw or simply the pci-e slot won't give enough power for the VGA and there would be like a "bottleneck" because of the lack of more power (I have got only 2x8 pin on my Evga power supply, while the 1050s only have 6 pin or nothing, i bought this supply, because later i would update my 1050ti to a newer VGA. Should i expect this(lags, and slowness because of the lack of power), or the VGA is good to buy? I would use it mainly for gaming. (1366x768, medium-high)


Then your fine no need to worry if the card required extra power they [evga] would have added a power connector not to mention EVGA is a "good" brand so they wouldn't purposely sell a "bad" model line so go for it.