Question GTX 1060 3GB Performing Half of its potential


Apr 20, 2019
For the past month my GTX 1060 has been performing half of its potential. I am unable to run most games at high since the frames simply do not let me do so.
I have a :
h97m Pro4 motherboard
I7 4790k gpu
16GB ddr3 ram
120gb ssd and a 4tb hard drive

Ill attach performance test 8.0 evaluation results and HWmonitor temp results.
My case has 3 front fans, and 1 back fan. My cpu cooler is a evo 121.
In terms of my gpu graphics mark, the result is 4827 whereas a gtx 980 is 10341. So yh my gpu is being abit weird.
Overall passmark rating for my pc was 3783

Please if anyone has experience this any advice they can give me i will appreciate that.

What i have tried:
Gpu is up to date in terms of drivers,
Reset pc to factory settings,
took out the gpu and re-inserted it.

Thank you so much guys
The Corsair VS series are not the very best, and I've heard many complaints about this entire VS series lineup of PSUs. Not the very best in terms of quality/efficiency/output etc.

Can you check your GPU by using some other PSU ?