Gtx 1060 6gb 80c on benchmark normal?

Justine Keith

Dec 30, 2015
Hi, im just worried on my gpu because it's going as high as 80c on Heaven benchmark 1080p, tessalation is on, ultra, x8AA.Btw, it's MSI 1060 6GB OCV2 it's all stock and my room is about 32c and my specs are g4560, 8gb Ram. is this normal? Or is there a bearing with the processor because i only got g4560 and i'm guessing that all the load goes to the GPU because the processor can't handle it. What do you think?
Heaven is a gpu intensive benchmark-it is designed to push your card. Although 80c is quite toasty its still not terrible considering its stress test conditions with a high ambient temperature. In short you're fine.