gtx 1060 and no signal when pluged in


Nov 8, 2017
A few days ago I got all my parts in to build my first pc and I build it and if I plug anything into the graphic card the monitor detects no signal. I have tried every thing like turning off intel graphics off in device manager download the graphic card drivers but the only thing I did not get to do was download my mother board driver because its in a disk and I don't have a cd drive and I tried updating my bois and looking to disable intel graphic in there but could find any where to do that.

do you think its the motherboard drivers??

I have also found in device manager something called pci simple communication controller that has a yellow triangle on it and I say it not working because it doesn't have the drivers installed and I know my graphic card plugs into the pci connector but I'm just not sure that why I'm asking

msi b250m pro-vd
i5 7500
8gb of fury hyperx
evga 600 watt bronze power supply
asus gtx 1060 turbo

and thank you to any one that can help