GTX 1060 Fan Blade Broken. Case and Table Shakes. Help !!!


Nov 3, 2015
My GPU fan blade broke off and now when playing any intensive game, the whole PC table shakes when that fan spins. It is a 3-fan GTX 1060 6 GB ROG Edition. Now I live in a country where its impossible to RMA the card so I can either superglue the blade onto the fan or I can completely remove the affected fan so that it doesn't spin (Cuz maybe 3 fans are overkill for a 1060 so 2 fans will do?). Please help me out here.


Please tell me a way to make that fan to completely stop spinning in any way possible


some have supposedly have some success with breaking the opposed fin too to broken one, balancing the fan. (cut both the broken and opposite one clean off, this works only if amount of blades is even though.)
This would usually require you to partially disassemble the cpu's cooling system to easily do it.
Failing that, and since fan replacement isn't an option for you (according to you) fans usually have either separate or their own power connectors to GPU.
If they are separate, unplugging the right connector will stop the fan. If all 3 fans are on same connector, pretty much only way to stop it would be to cut the wires going to broken fan.