Question GTX 1060 GB, cycles to 64 degrees at idle. Pictures inside.

Jason Silvermann

Oct 2, 2014
The cyclical nature of this makes me think it's different from other questions of GPUs that are hot at idle. By idle, I mean it's low watt usage, low RAM, low utilization.

I have an NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB that's always seemed to run hot. I don't game, in fact I don't use the GPU much at all. These images are from idling: typing in a word doc, and an idle web browser is up, no videos or anything.

nvidia-smi and psensor temperature readings, the purple line is when the fan kicks on:


It cycles like this continually, often staying above 55C just continually. I have great airflow in the case, and ambient temp of 22C.

I'm running Debian unstable with their recommended nvidia drivers.

What might be causing this / how can I debug it?

EDIT: I've been facing this all day now, and found several things.

1.) I closed firefox (which had only been idling) and the GPU temp dropped.

2.) cool, maybe it's FF. Turned off hardware acceleration, and restarted FF. Now, FF doesn't show up in nvidia-smi, nor fuser /dev/nvidia*, yet STILL when I open firefox, GPU usage revs up.
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Expected behavior, if you want to avoid it passively cooling set a minimum fan speed at all times.

More airflow in the chassis might help, but it would simply make more sense to use the fan on it rather than add a fan to keep that one from running.

Or, if you don't think you need a GTX1060, get a passively cooled GT1030 or similar.