Question GTX 1060: Ridiculously low FPS and high render latency


Jul 5, 2009

I have an Nvidia GTX 1060 in a Dell G5-5587 laptop.

Intel Core i7 with 12 cores
32GB ram
1TB NVMe SSD as primary drive
2TB SATA drive as drive for my Steam Library

I am getting (only for the last few weeks or so) getting a ridiculously low FPS and a ridiculously high render latency. I am attaching some screenshots, just so you can see how bad these figures are, even Max Payne 3's title screen shows very bad figures.

The first shot, is when Rockstar Games loader starts Max Payne 3. I am happy with that.

But then, this drops to a fraction at the title screen. Even down to 7FPS in-game, when none of the other figures are off the chart. Apparently GPUs are made for 100% utilization, so not counting that.

Then, when loading A Plague Tale: Innocence, again, the frame rate is good at the start:

But as the loading continues, the rate goes down.

Until, in game, you get this kind of figures. It is driving me nuts!

I have done the following:
  • I have uninstalled and did a clean install of the latest Nvidia drivers.
  • I have scoured the web for optimal configuration options for those drives
  • I have tried the games on the lowest settings.
  • I have disabled antivirus temporarily.
  • I have closed down all software that is not actively being used at the time of playing.
  • I have uninstalled one of the games (Max Payne 3) and re-installed it, even though I knew it was not the game, as all my favorite games do this now.
  • I have recently started getting BSODs with my laptop, and the errors indicated hardware issues, but the Windows hardware scanner did not pick up any issues there, nor did the Dell support tools.
I do not know what to do otherwise (besides reinstalling Windows (which I can't do now due to work pressures and it being my only laptop), or replacing hardware (which I can't do if I can't find a credible reason for it)).

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Feb 19, 2022
Im having the exact same issue. Have you found a solution? Yesterday my computer was running fine but then last night it started doing exactly what you show in your pictures. It was all very sudden. If you could let me know I'd be appreciative.