Question GTX 1070, can old monitor affect anti-aliasing?

Apr 6, 2020
Here is the thing, for now I'm stuck with VERY old monitor (THIS ONE) and I struggle to achieve acceptable AA quality in Bannerlord. Or other games. The edges, flickering, the very nature of the textures, so crappy and distracting. Tried running it with different AA options through Nvidia Inspector, or DSR in the panel, always the same.

So here is my question... can this old monitor affect AA? Because the truth is I never tested this GTX 1070 on a NEW monitor and now I'm afraid it may be broken or something...

If I watch a YouTube video of Bannerlord's gameplay in 1080p, settings high or very high, sure, you can tell my display is old but this looks acceptable to play, with smooth picture, no bad edges. But if I launch the game myself... looks awful, no matter what I do it's never smooth. Why such a big difference? I understand a YouTube gameplay is pre-recorded and I don't expect modern quality on this old monitor but... can't really play with AA that looks that bad and I wonder - does monitor even affect AA, in general??? I really hope so because otherwise is something wrong with my 1070.... :/