GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 for 1080p gaming?

Jun 15, 2018
Currently using 8 GB RAM and AMD FX-8320 processor.

Planning to get a good GPU that I will later supplement with a way better CPU. (I know for know it will probably be an overkill)

So my 3 questions are:

1. Are there situations where GTX 1080 would give me better performance than 1070 in my current build?

2. What CPU I would later need to get better performance out of GTX 1080 over 1070 while playing on 1080p resolution?

3. Maybe stupid question but do you think GTX 1080 will last longer when it comes to its performance for future games at 1080p?


1. Maybe, depends on the game.
2. I'd go Ryzen 1600 or Intel 8400 or better.
3. You'd probably get a bit more life out of it then the 1070, there's also the 1070 ti which does bridge the gap between the two and should be cheaper then the 1080, something to look into.
Honestly, at 1080p with the 8320, the performance difference between the 1070 and the 1080 wont be that drastic as the 8320 will be your bottleneck. But generally, the 1080 always out performs the 1070.

I agree with WildCard999, the 8400 is a great gaming chip. But for AMD, I would look at the 2600x over the 1600 as the extra clock bump of the 2600x really closes the gap between AMD CPUs and Intel's.

Yes, the 1080 will have more longevity, because it is a better GPU. In truth, at 1080p, the 1080 is a little overkill as that GPU is really designed for higher resolution. So the 1080 should provide good fps at 1080p for a good while. I also agree with WildCard99. the 1070ti is very close to a 1080's performance, so it may be worth it to get the 1070ti over the 1080 and save up for the CPU upgrade.
Jun 15, 2018
What do you guys think about MSI GTX 1080 ARMOR OC GPU?
It costs about 62 euros less than MSI GAMING X so I think its a good deal, right? It has no backplate but it's not a heavy, long card either.

The Armor is a fine model for the 1080. It really is not worth the extra money. In the real world, you wont see any difference in performance between that and the Gaming X. The only difference you will see is in benchmark scores where the gaming x gets a couple fps difference. I don't know about you, but I cant see 2fps difference.

I suggest getting the cheapest 1080 that is not reference or blower style card, which the Armor is.
Question from aivarioha : "MSI GTX 1080 Armor OC?"

A reference style or blower card has a turbine that pushes the air outside of the case. They do not cool as well and are loud. The Armor is a dual fan cooling design that will do just fine.

I am not sure what the 256Mx32bit is referring too, but it really does not matter. The chips inside are made by Nvidia and are all the same. The board partners (MSI, EVGA, etc) just add the cooling and factory overclocks.