Question GTX 1070 superclocked edition Blurry screen!! HELP!

Mar 17, 2019
Built a new pc
MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC b450
RYZEN 7 2700x
EVGA GTX 1070 superclocked
16 gb 3200 mhz
Viotek 32gnc curved monitor 144hz

Everything looked great until i installed the nvidia drivers and now randomly on boot up i get a blurry screen. i have to reboot 1 or more times and then it works great no blurriness.
Once pc boots up with it working fine it stays that way.
Ive tried pretty much everything and im getting desperate. Ive tried different displayport cables vesa certified, ive tried changing every setting related to the problem. Im convinced its the drivers , if i unsinstall them it works fine, if i reninstall them it goes blurry during installation.
Video on boot up with MSI logo is fine, it only goes blurry when windows boots up.
There are no drivers for my monitor just the windows one.

ive researched the hell out of this and it looks like im not alone, but no fix! Its looking like im going to have to live with it which sucks

Feb 19, 2019
make sure you're installing the right driver
reinstall the drivers with clean installation checked
don't install 3d and nvidia audio drivers if you don't need them.
when installed, reboot, make sure the resolution is set correctly
and maybe press the auto-correction thing on your monitor... yeah, sounds a bit funny...but why not..
go to driver settings, disable multi-monitor, sli, select mannually all the option that is on auto-select mode. there's not a lot of them (not the application controled)

also the OS should be installed with official clean image file, not some repack or whatever. also check in programs and features whether you have some another video drivers or codecs and uninstall them.
if it is the driver then clean windows reinstall should fix it.

or at least disable temporary win update service, uninstall the driver, reboot, delete all folders named nvidia (there's a hidden folders in users folder and also in the system drive root in ProgramData folder (which is hidden), run for example a 'vit registry fix' software (particulary, it is doing good things and not some useless craziness like other software), fix the registry with it (also there a disk clenup tool, run it too and delete some trash), then reboot again, then download the right driver, then run the clean installation with admin rights without components that you don'n need, usually it is only the driver, physx and geforce experience.

and of course your monitor should be detected correctly by the system, if it says default monitor or whatever, go find the drivers for it

also go to bios and disable integrated graphics and put the pci-e option in the first place disabling the others
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Mar 17, 2019
Ive Done all of those things nothing works!! but when it boots up and has normal display it works fine! I have all the correct up to date drivers, and my monitor doesnt have a driver the manufacturer doesnt offer one. Im hoping someone else who has had this happen sees this