Question GTX 1070 temps.

So just checking in, bought a used Zotac GTX 1070 mini from someone on ebay, card seems fine, temps are showing after playing BF1 and BF5 for a while, max temp of 73, and max temp on gpu hotspot of 84 in hwmonitor. When does thermal throttle happen on these, 80? This card replaced a GTX 970, which will likely be up for sale once I use the 1070 a couple more days to be sure it's got a good life left in it.

These sound ok to me, just checking in. What is the hotspot number exactly? Either way, not knowing what kind of life this card has lived, whether the previous owner was a gamer or miner, I bought some Arctic MX-4 and have some thermal pads on the way also, so may not be a bad idea to just take it apart and change pads and paste so that I have a good card until I save enough $$ for the next card.

In case you're wondering, rest of the system is

This case with 6 fans installed

Ryzen 5 3600
ASRock AB350 Pro 4
16gb ddr4 3000mhz dual channel
PowerSpec 750 watt Bronze PSU(yes I know could be a better brand)
1 250gb Samsung 960 evo nvme
1 tb TeamGroup ssd
2 1tb hard internal hard drives

During the same gaming session, the Ryzen 3600 hit 71. But it's under a Wraith Prism cooler instead of the usual stealth.
Ok, I guess since I’ll have all the parts I’ll just keep them and if I notice any issues then I should have stuff to try to repair.

Bought the card used, and the description pretty much said it was used and not much else. Wonder if it was a mining card at some point. In any event, it’s actually smaller than the 970 I removed. When they said mini I guess that’s what they meant haha.