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Question gtx 1070 will not dectect in 1 system but works in another


Jul 4, 2015
hi all,

i bought a used gtx 1070 to build a 2nd pc with. i recently built a new pc and am using some of the old parts for the 2nd pc. when i plug the used 1070 into my old asus prime z270-p motherboard, the system does not detect it. only the onboard video card is shown in device manager, and if i try and install geforce experience or the driver directly, it says no nvidia hardware is detected, and an error about the windows version. i downloaded the windows media creation tool directly from Microsoft and am running windows 20H2.

the weird part is, if i plug this 1070 into my new system, it detects no problem. and if i take my GPU (2080ti) out of my gaming rig and plug it into the 2nd pc, it also detects no problem. so its hard to rule out if its the motherboard or the 1070, since the motherboard works with my 2080ti and my 1070 works with my new system.....

not sure if it matters but the new system is using an AMD motherboard (x570) while the 2nd pc is using intel (prime z270-p)