Question GTX 1080 G1 Gaming gives No signal to monitor

Apr 30, 2019
Hi! So I just bought a gtx 1080 G1 Gaming from a guy claiming that it's broken and I'm trying to fix it. So I cleaned the card with compressed air and some WD-40 and assembled it back but when powering the PC it does not give any signal.
The core of the card gets warm and the fans are spinning but the lights of the card that say fan stop and the other one are not working cuz the connectors are broken( I don't think that would be a problem).
And I tried with a hdmi and dvi cable. Made sure the cables are well plugged in. Tried multiple times. I also have a rx 480 and that works with no problems. I also uninstalled the drivers with DDU.

If anybody has any advice to try I would really apreciate it!
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