Question GTX 1650 higher-than-expected boost clocks - is GPU-Z reporting it correctly?

Eh, I sort of regret not picking up a cheap RX 570 4GB around last Christmas, when one model went for $99.99 after rebates and such.

BUT... I got the next best thing, I suppose, considering the inflated prices these days: A Gigabyte GTX 1650 OC Eagle, which came to $109.99 after rebates. I did have a secondary system that needed something better than a GT730, after all.

I was curious as to which of the 4 underlying variants of the GTX 1650 this would be. Though, I knew I could eliminate the lowest one, as the Eagle comes with GDDR6.

In addtion to being the lowest price I've yet to see on a GTX 1650, I noticed that this particular model had a higher boost clock than anything else I've seen, at 1815 MHz. While that seems consistent with the fact that the TDP for this model is listed at 85W, I wondered if that could be right, since the highest speed on that chart from the above link is 1665, for the GDDR5 version. All the GDDR6 variants show 1590 MHz, though I realize board partners can and will exceed these numbers.

Well, GPU-Z shows that I have the TU117 version, so, no TU116 or TU106 for me (not that it really would've made a difference for my use), and it confirmed the boost clock being 1810 MHz. But, when I ran the Render Test in GPU-Z (I know, it's NOT a stress, test, but it did run GPU utilization up to 96-97%, and VRAM utilization up to 75%), the Boost clock ran up to 1990 MHz initially, then came down and settled at 1965. Temperatures climbed up gradually, until the GPU fans kicked on, briefly cresting 1800 RPM, then settling down to about 1700, with temperatures showing 57°C. I know part of that is the 200mm fan that is on the vented side-panel of the case.

That all said, are these clock numbers correct? Is this actually running about 150 MHz beyond the official boost listing? Or is GPU-Z off in what it's reporting?

I mean, I'll be delighted if it's actually doing that well, I guess I just wasn't expecting it for a card that was discounted as much as it was.