News GTX 1650 With GDDR6 Memory Actually Goes on Sale


That would be confused with the 1650 Super.

Maybe this should be the 1650 KS . . KS = kinda super?

Perhaps this change exists simply so they don't need two different kinds of VRAM? Or maybe to just give it enough edge to compete with the RX 570?
Other than the memory swap, the GDDR6 variant probably won't come with any more improvements. Only 384 CUDA cores separate the GTX 1650 from the GTX 1650 Super. With the GDDR6 memory upgrade, the revised GTX 1650 is on par with the Super variant in terms of memory performance. It's unlikely that Nvidia will continue to improve it any further, as the graphics card would cannibalize the GTX 1650 Super.
"Only 384 CUDA cores" is a pretty huge difference for a card that only has 896 cores. The 1650 SUPER has over 42% more cores, so I wouldn't expect this card to be encroaching on it in any way, even with the upgraded memory.

TU117 has 1024 cores in total, so they do have some room to make more cores available. Unlocking the full chip for the GDDR6 version could give them 14% more cores to work with, though the SUPER variant would still have 25% more than that, as it is based on a cut-down TU116, the same chip used in the 1660 Ti. The power draw could stay about the same too, due to the more efficient GDDR6, so they could still avoid external power connectors.
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Apr 2, 2020
TDP !!! 75W.
I use GTX 1650 :) cheap and up to 75W TDP. I have not found even better with this TDP. Why do I use Ubuntu? Work habits. I work for 16 hours a day, that's why I'm not interested in 2080 Ti demons. DOOM Eternal runs smoothly.
See the video:

And here other games on Ubuntu how they work may interest someone:

Let TDP this new card not increase, because then it makes no sense to me.