Question GTX 1660 is hot while on 50% usage and only 1860 MB VRAM usage ?


Nov 16, 2017
I'm playing Genshin Impact on medium settings with only the Environment Detail on high. When I'm in the mountains and it's snowing and storming, my GPU hits 72-76'C. On the other hand, the CPU is chillin with like 45-50'C. Now I know that Genshin is demanding on the GPU, and snow storms with high details surely don't make it easier. But if the GPU hits 76'C I'd expect the VRAM usage to be like 4500-5000MB and at least 70%. But like the topic says, mine is only at 1860MB and 50% usage. Is this normal? Maybe I'm just looking at this the wrong way, cuz I'm thinking like, ok if I can lift 60kg then I shouldn't be breaking that much sweat while lifting only 18kg and giving only 50% of my maximum power. Should I have my GPU checked or is this simply the way that GPUs work?

CPU - i5 9400f
GPU - GTX 1660 6 GB
RAM - 16GB