Question GTX 1660 Super - - - - TUF versus DUAL versus PHOENIX ?


Aug 9, 2012
I'd like to buy a new graphic card soon and I'd like to hear some opinions about these cards below (outside of technical data that is accessible on their site):
  • PH-GTX1660S-O6G
  • (and there is the Gigabyte 1660S line but I heard from multiple sources that the current design of Gigabyte graphic cards are flawed - after a while all of those cards use the same frame and fans become very loud on stress and many of them will make noise which sounded like the fans were hitting some plastic on the gpu shroud - so I'm opted out of Gigabyte this turn :( )
The above cards are getting cheaper these days in my country so I would buy one of those. I will use them for casually playing games in 1080p (mostly CPU-intensive games, RPG, RTS, etc) and some photoshopping so not a big deal, 1660S will serve it without any stress.
  • That's why I include the PHOENIX 1-fan design to the list so maybe it would be enough too without too much noise? I'm not sure if the Phoenix will stay silent while I play lets say WoW (25-40-man raiding on 1080p) or it spins up the fan to the sky on medium load anyway?
  • I would also like to know what is the real difference between the TUF and DUAL, outside of the card sizes (20 vs 24cm) and the marginal clock speed difference?
Would you help me to choose a card please by giving me your opinion about these cards and/or comparison experiences.
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