Question GTX 1660S GPU Artifacting And Crashing in Games, But Not During Stress Tests


Aug 26, 2018
I bought this new GTX 1660S from aliexpress (the card had a 4.9/5 rating score and the store had excellent reviews as well), I first tried a Furmark test for ~10 minutes, everything was fine, GPU barely reached 65°c and no crashes/freezes, the same with heaven benchmark, but whenever I tried to run a video game (overwatch 2, paladins, csgo, offline games, etc) it always gives a weird graphical glitches/artifacts and always ends up with the game crashing/freezing with errors similar like "D3D device lost, rendering device lost", sometimes it also crashes the whole screen, the PC stays on but the monitor shows out of signal/no display
What I've tried so far:
-use DDU and try old + new drivers
-tried on a friend's PC, same problems
-tried on new windows, drivers, games, fresh install, etc nothing worked
-tried underclocking -500mhz on both core & memory clocks
-used the HDMI-DVI ports, same issue
and the GPU looks brand new with no visible damages
here are some screenshots of the GPU and the errors/artifacts:
-GPU : View:

-Artifacts in windows: View:
in games: View:

-Crashes: View: