Question GTX 1660Ti not performing as it should

Feb 12, 2020
hey guys!
I just bought my new pc a week ago
GTX 1660Ti Strix
R5 2600X
16GB DDR4 3000Mhz
500gb SSD (98%)
Prime B450M-K mobo
550W CM 80+B PSU
clean win install
newest drivers
bios flash done
chipset driver update done
Everything is done.

the card is underperforming
i have a 21:9 monitor
my games are frequently freezing for a second, like in every 10th minute. Games like League of Legends, GTAV, BF1, BF2, Rage2 (it's more common with rage)
the strange thing is i'm getting low FPS in every game . Battlefield maxed out like 45fps,
My colleague has the same monitor, same CPU, but with paired a 1650S and even with a cheaper card he's getting more performance out of his pc.

CPU around 30 idle, 65 max under load
GPU 29 idle, 50 max under load
Is the 16GB a single stick of RAM? If so that is most likely your problem. Ryzen performs much better with dual channel RAM at preferably 3200mhz or faster)

Another thing to check if you do have Dual Channel RAM is that your RAM is operating at its full speed. You can check this in task manager in the performance tab then click on memory. It should tell you at the bottom of the window next to Speed

If your RAM is operating at a slower then advertised speed you need to go inot your BIOS and enable the XMP profile.

And as stated above what do you mean by SSD 98%? Do you mean 98% full, if so that's another issue, you must leave 15-20% empty space otherwise you will have performance issue.
Feb 12, 2020
Dual Channel, operating at full speed. (3000Mhz)
Yea, i was tweaking the RAM speed, profiles in the bios but nothing. I'm sticking with the default profile, 3000Mhz. I don't think it's because the RAM.
Even in GTA V the gpu running nearly 100%

The SSD's condition is 98%