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[SOLVED] GTX 2080 or i7-8086k for upgrade?


Feb 7, 2014
So I'm looking to make my next "big" purchase for my system, but I'm stuck on which route to take. Currently, I'm rolling with a 6700k and a 1070 in my build. This has served me well so far since I only do 1080p, but newer open world games - which are my preference at the moment - are starting to push the rig.

The only real issue is that my motherboard is starting to show its age; anything above the i7-8086 will require a new mobo (which will compound upgrades). For the time being, I'd prefer to just make one purchase. Will the 2080 give me a more significant boost, or should I max out the CPU first? For what it's worth, I'm not planning on switching mobos for another few years, so it's kind of a one or the other situation right now.