GTX 260 Overclocking


Jan 20, 2008
Hey all, today i got the GTX 260 192 cores.

Core Clock: 602Mhz
Memory Clock: 1026(2052Mhz)
Shader: 1296Mhz

So far i've been using the EVGA Precision Tool to overclock the card as it seems to be doing well. The Max degree's the card goes up to is around 50C.

I overclocked it to

Core: 700Mhz
Memory Clock: 1200Mhz
Shader: 1500Mhz.

830 FPS on ATI Tools with the furry ball. Have been playing games for 20 mins and even done many tests on 3D Mark Vantage Professional.

Was wondering if it is possible to keep on going since i haven't seen a single artifact.

If so, do i start off with the Core then if it atifacts, unlink the 2, and bring down the shader and lift up the core some more?

Afterwards work my way up with the memory. Correct?



Apr 20, 2009
Overclock each thing one at a time. Then after you find the max, stable OC of each one, try running all three at once and scan with ATI tool.

If artifacts, back each one down, one at a time trying to find which is causing artifacts. Repeat till no artifacts wich means max, stable OC and WIN!