GTX 275 vs ATI 4890 same price, which one to buy??


Sep 13, 2009
Hi all,

I'm in Canada and I'm building a new desktop for the first time. Both of the following GPU's are the same price ($212 before tax, canadian dollars). Any suggestions on which one I should buy? I'll be doing moderate gaming (enjoy playing new FPS games) on a 22" monitor with a 1680x1050 resolution. My build will also include a core i5, P55 motherboard, 4gigs of ram (not sure if this info is useful) and won't be OCing or doing Crossfire/SLI.

I also went through all the benchmarks on Tomshardware and notice that the GTX 275 has a slight edge over the maybe this answers my question?

GTX 275:

ATI 4890

Thanks in advance guys!
There's not really much in it but I'd say the GTX275: It's a little quieter and has the 'benefit' of PhysX.
After returning my most recent purchase (a 512Mb HD4870) I'll be looking hard at my own budget to see if I can squeeze it to get one myself!


Dec 26, 2008

These cards were often compared because they launched simultaniously (at least on the paper Nvidia had avaiability problems). Most comparisons ended in the conclusion that the gtx is superior. The only point where the 4890 dominated was overlocking and even that wasn't very clear.

Google 4890 vs gtx 275 or something there should be articles on and anandtech

really, to me they seem pretty close
=on&prod[2669]=on]HD4890 vs GTX275

its very give and take between the two, an these are just the stock versions, actual releases will vary from manufacturer from manufacturer

EDIT: its not liking the link
They're both very similar in performance +/- for both, check the 16x10 res in the game you prefer;

And PhysX is about as useful as DX10.1, with neither being compelling, and both of who's future is of questionable value.

It really comes down to where you think they will take you in the games you currently play, and in future games.

PS, I wouldn't say the HD58xx series will be in your price range for a few months, but the HD5770 released in October might be and may compete well with these two cards you're considering.