Gtx 280 ftw using full clock speeds when not gaming.


Oct 28, 2011
hi i recently installed precision by evga messed with the clock speeds and it seems like i messed up my video card. the video card now runs a lil bit hotter when im just browsing the internet or using skype. then the clock speed on cpu-z is using full 3d clock speed. any ideas on how i can fix this any help would be appreciated. thx


Aug 26, 2009
i know with nvidia 400 & 500 series you can use MSI Afterburner to create several profiles with different clock speeds for different uses, example in my case:

I have 2 x GTX 460 SOC (SLI) - I can run them over 900MHz when overclocked so I created several profilesn in MSI Afterburner going from default clock speeds (defaults being 780MHz and 815MHz respectively for each card in the SLI set up) up towards 930MHz, but I also have 1 profile used for idling (or in fact anything non gaming related, e.g. watching 1080p mkv and BDMV) so this profile has clocks set to 450MHz.

Looking at the MSI Afterburner website it would suggest you can use it on 200 family also (I never owned Nvidia 200 family as I used ATI at that time), check it out - look at the requirements in small type at bottom of page and give it a go I'd suggest;