GTX 295 for GTX 660Ti. Worth it?


Aug 19, 2012
Hello, I have this simple question, as title says:
It's a good idea to sell my GTX 295 and buy a GTX 660Ti? My GTX 295 doesn't support DX11, but in DX9 and 10, still very good. Or it's better to consider alternatives? In Italy, GTX670 it's only 20-30€ much expensive then GTX660Ti


May 24, 2012
I would recommend you to wait a bit. A GTX 295 is a good card. I don't think you will see that much of an improvement. Do your games play well? If they do, there is currently no need to change it.

- Fastreaction
A GTX660ti is somewhat of a sideways move, at least according to benchmarks.
But, if DX9/10/11 is an issue, or, if your games do not do well with dual gpu's then it might be worth it.
If there is so little difference for a GTX670, I would go that route.
You want at least a little boost, or you will feel disappointed.


Jan 19, 2013
GTX 295 is a fantastic card for an SLI single card solution but with some serious drawbacks. My findings are as soon as you play a game that doesn't support SLI it then becomes a slightly lower than midrange 2 series card - FSX for example. Also if your game uses PhysX and also recognizes SLI then the second card on your 295 (GPU 1) becomes the PhysX card, leaving only 1 card (GPU 0) for gaming. Instead of turning off PhysX, I got around this by installing a 9800 as a PhysX card since my board supports tri SLI. Also I think there is not quite enough VRAM per cardin the 295. Benchmarks don't really tell the story I just told you, as they're optimized for benchmarking not gaming in the real world.

My card never ever suffered the dreaded Microstutters others say 295's suffered. Not any. It was always liquid smooth except when SLI wasn't supported and the settings were turned up too high.

My feeling is this, if your board supports it, get a really good single card and a 96/9800 for physX (or any other old card you have that is as powerful as a 9800).

One should remember the smoothest gameplay you want on a game that doesn't support SLI. If I were to go SLI again I would buy 2x GTX670's. I would also buy the GTX690 because it is a proper card, unlike the 295 that wasn't 2x 285. Unfortunately, the cost of the 690 is ridiculous so they aren't getting my money. If the cost was $750 I would buy it and still use my 9800 for PhysX.

All in all the 295 is/was great if all you play[ed] is/was DX10 SLI games. It is very average in FSX with settings turned up. A 285 is much better.