GTX 295 problem


Sep 17, 2004
I recently purchased a EVGA GTX 295 co-op and have had alot of problems with it. I get the driver failure error whenever I play games, and I have also reformated and I still get the error. I had a GTX 275 before this and had no problems with that card.

Whenever I get the driver failure my card does not ramp back up to the stock clock speeds, it stays at the low power saving speeds that it goes to whenever im not playing a game. I have to reboot in order for my card to work properly when I want to play a game. The error happens about 30 mins into whatever game I am playing. I am in contact with EVGA about this but I want to see what other people have to say about it also.

I also feel that the card is not performing at what it should. My 3DMark Vantage score, GPU only, is around 17000 at stock speeds and around 18000 at FTW speeds. Ive done some research and it seems like most of the people are getting higher speeds at the stock clock speeds. I could be wrong about this. The green light is on in the front of the card so I know its getting enough power, but with my specs it seems like it should be running better. I have also read reviews about people playing Crysis at max settings and its super smooth for them, its kind of choppy for me sometimes depending at what is going on in the game at that moment.

Intel Q9450 @ 2.6 Ghz
8 Gigs of DDR2 ram at 800Mhz
Vista ultimate 64bit
Asus rampage formula Mobo
Thermaltake 750 watt PS

I usually have my CPU running at 3.0Ghz, but I put everything to default to try and figure this out.

Any help is appreciated, thanks