GTX 460 performance!

Chirag Borawake

Sep 23, 2011
Hello there,
I have ZOTAC nvidia GTX 460 1GB.
Recently I tested it on a game: Call of Juarez The Cartel.
The game ran well at about 65 to 68fps in average, on 1920 X 1080 on max settings.

So, about the battlefield 3, can I be able to run it maxed out on my system with about 35fps or more? I dont need more than that for smoother gameplay though..!!
Right now we don't know what hardware would be necessary to max out BF3, supposedly the Ultra settings and extra eyecandy are not in the Beta. Judging from the Beta, you could probably do high settings at your resolution and maintain an acceptable framerate. You probably won't be able to do maximum, while I doubt it is going to be as demanding as DICE claims it will be (they say 2 GTX 580s will be required to max out the game), I don't think a GTX 460 will be fast enough to max out the game at 1080p.