GTX 460 SE SLI 3D mark Score. Overclock settings safe?


Feb 5, 2011
I just SLI'd my EVGA GTX 460 SE 1 GB cards. I think my scores stack up pretty decent from some reviews ive read about regular GTX 460's in SLI.

I just randomly kind of picked settings for my video card on the EVGA precision tool and wanted to know if these settings are safe .

1 GPU Results @ core clock : 775Mhz, Shader clock 1550 Mhz, Memory Clock 1700 Mhz:
3D Mark score 16839, Graphics score 13828, CPU score 48456 Average 40.7 FPS

2 GPU in SLI Results @ Core clock 775 Mhz, Shader clock 1550 Mhz Memory Clock 1750 Mhz:
3D Mark Score 27864, Graphics score 24753, CPU Score 44731, Average FPS 73 FPS

2 GPU Results( No overclock): Core clock 648 Mhz, Shader clock 1296 Mhz, Memory Clock 1700 Mhz
3D Mark Score 24773, Graphics score 21765, CPU Score 42360, Average FPS 64 FPS

What do you guys think about these results and whats the best way to stress test? Can I just leave it the way it is at the Core clock at 775Mhz settings?

My temps are pretty nice during the 3DMark test with overclocked GPU's in SLI. Top Card gets no hatter than about 64, bottom one about 54 degrees celcius.


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