Jan 6, 2013

I've checked some of the other Code 43 threads but most of them seem to correspond with SLI issues, I'm only running a single card.

I've been using a FX6860-EF30P which I bought about 7 months ago. I can't seem to find it on the futureshop website anymore but it's the same as but with a 64GB SSD instead of a 128.

It was working fine before I packed it and mailed it to myself across country. After I opened it up and hooked it into my new Monitor (Acer HR274H) via HDMI and I was getting no input to my monitor but the fan on my GTX 560 Ti was still running. I switched the cable for a VGA (with -> DVI adapter) and I could see the BIOS screen and the Windows logo but then after that my monitor would stop receiving input. I tried hooking it up to my TV via HDMI but got no input at all.

I assumed that it was my graphics card so I pulled it out and reseated it, that didn't work.

I then started in safe mode and checked my GPU in Device Manager, and it was fine and Windows couldn't find updated drivers. I updated my graphics driver to the latest WQHL release from the NVidia website amd that started my Code 43s.

Instead of a blank screen, after the Windows logo I'm getting a 600x480 resolution screen with really messed up color. When I check in Device Manager, my GPU has the Code 43 error.

Did I bust my card? Or anyone have any other advice?