GTX 560 ti, GTX 580 or wait for keplar?


Mar 13, 2009
Hello Tom

So I've saved some money to build a nice upgrade from my current rig:
8800 GTS
8 GB DD32
P5Q Pro

upgrade to:
8gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3
p8p67 pro
GTX 560 ti, GTX 580 or keplar

Was wondering what you guys thought of my video card situation, I mean even if I don't buy a keplar wouldn't the price for the GTX 580 drop enough to make it worth waiting? I am not tight for money but I do not want to waste $200-300 for nothing. Also what do you guys think of the P8P67 pro?

PS: Anyone have experience with EVGA Step up program?



Sep 23, 2009
by the time gtx580 drops, it will already by on phase out stage. new and better video cards will start to show up and i think the PCIe 3.0 will come out. Not to mention, Ivy Bridge by 2012.

about the p8p57 pro, although it supports up to 32gb ram, it can only hold 4 x DIMM.

p.s i think your cpu can still handle most games. Just a suggestion, get a gtx 560ti for now and save up till the next generation card and cpu.


Mar 14, 2010
I just went from a E6600, 6GB ram, 280gtx, 975x, intel x25
upgraded to:
2600k, 16GB ram, z68, and stayed with the gtx 280 and the ssd

I upgraded because I noticed my CPU was seriously bottle necking my GPU in my favorite game Starcraft 2. Also I noticed when I played games like Devil May Cry 4,
Most if not all my games increased over 25%-50% in frame rate. But if you are looking for the best bang for the buck now, then the 2500k would be a great alternative. I will say that my overclocked 2600k will be on par with the Ivy Bridge ~$300 equivalent for the Ivy Bridge cannot be O/C'd by much.

The GPU on the other hand I say you should probably go for a gtx 460. the performances difference between the 460 to the 560, 560ti, even the 570 are marginal compared to the jump that you will see coming from a 8800gts.

P.S. I had a 8800gtx ultra before my 280.