GTX 560 Ti VS GTX 570


Jan 25, 2010
The 570 is faster/more powerful. The 560ti can be had for as low as $200 (after MIR) on newegg. The 570 can be had on newegg for as low as $305 after MIR.

Here's the URL for the TH 560ti review (it's compared to the 570 in all the benchmarks):,2845.html

The punchline is that the 570 is ball-park 20% more powerful while being about 50% more expensive. Don't dismiss that as a bad deal- that's the world of enthusiast parts. If it were me, I would go with the 560ti (or perhaps get 2 in SLI) but there's no one right answer.


I'm with Beltzy on this. Not only all the things he mentioned, but the GTX560TI also uses around 40W less under full load. (170 vs 210 going from memory.) So in addition to being cheaper and nearly as powerful, it won't raise your electric bill as much or put as much heat in your room. And it's still good enough to handle nearly all games at 1080.

If you've got the money and don't care, the GTX570 is a good card. But I think for most of us the GTX560TI is just as good.
your choice but basically if you want to get a nice TI and oc the hell out of it, it will be a gtx 570 for about 100 cheaper... thats basically what I did with my asus dc2 and I must say that their oc potential is amazing as mine runs at 1020 core no problem... at that speed it will beat a stock 570 in some cases (not many) .... Ive owned both and have never been able to see a difference between an oc'ed Ti vs a gtx 570, but then when you oc the 570 you start to approach the 580 territory... the end you will save a couple cups of coffee worth of money in power bills so imo that should hold a bearing on your decision but no doubt the ti would be more power efficient, but in terms of dollars its hard to quantify imho...