[SOLVED] Gtx 560 with one 6pin slot

Jan 8, 2022
Recently I bought a gtx 560 that was said to give artifacts after 10mins of work, so I thought it was a heating problem and bought it. It has 1x 6pin connector on it, whereas in the card specefications says it should have 2x 6pin, so my question is, is this the possible reason for the artifacts or just the gpu is dying. Hadnt change the thermal pads and paste yet, will post later when done.
What's the exact Model number/brand of this GPU ? If it requires 2 6-pin PCIe cables, then you need to plug in BOTH of them. Which PSU are you using ? If your current PSU lacks enough PCIe cables, then that particular PSU module was not meant to power that GPU.

List full PC specs as well, and post a GPU-Z screenshot of the GPU, if possible, assuming the system boots properly. Which one is your particular GPU model ? Check this database. They all require dual 6-PIN cables.

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